friendships and cole haans


I love the Nike+ Cole Haan shoes. Seriously. But much like my other favorite pairs of shoes (all sandals, of course), they are a bitch to break in. I wore these little gems today (rose gold, if you want to get specific), and now I have two battle wounds. Two giant blisters on each heel. I wasn’t going home after work either, so I had to suffer through the whole day forming bigger and bigger blisters. Awful.

The reason I couldn’t go home after work was because I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my good friends from grad school today. There are two things I love most about her: 1. She always speaks her mind and 2. Even if her degrees read The Florida State University, she cheers for the Canes. Okay, so there are other, more substantial reasons as to why I consider her a friend, but #2 is pretty high in my list of importance. We ended up at Mintwood Place, which I’ve never been to for dinner, until today. Tips for this place include getting the Burrata, kales, hazelnut, apple and tamarind. DO NOT IGNORE THIS RECOMMENDATION. That was probably the best thing I’ve eaten in a long time! Sure beats my Red Cross sushi lunch I had. Anyway, I don’t want to write a review of the place, but I will say, definitely go to Mintwood for either brunch or dinner OR BOTH. The food and atmosphere are wonderful. After dinner, I was telling Maura about my work life and then ran in to one of my co-workers. We had a nice stroll back to her place and then I walked Maura back to her hotel. It was a great evening, despite the blisters I got in my shoes. Thanks Cole Haan. 

Tomorrow  I have to seriously start considering what I’m going to pack for my week long camp in Florida and write my bucket list for things I want to do before I turn 30. #1 on the list right now is to get rid of these blisters. 




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