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I am FINALLY getting serious about this blog. Since the last time I wrote, I turned 30 (Yikes!), I have moved in to a place on my own (temporarily*), started a new running blog with my running crew. In RunDisney news, I earned a Coast to Coast medal and will earn my second come May. What I haven’t done is blog and get a haircut, but hey, looks like I’ll be blogging before I actually get a haircut.

Since turning 30, I feel like I have become more comfortable in my skin. That’s one of the reasons I decided to get out on my own. I previously lived in an apartment with 2 other ladies, and it just wasn’t working out anymore. That’s another story for another day. Now that I’m on my own, I have a lot more time to dedicate to my blogging ventures–either here or on my running blog, Runs in Tutus. If you’re interested in fitness, costume making, and just general Disney fun, be sure to check out the blog. It’s sure to be a good time.

I really do hope to start writing on here regularly, so keep coming back!


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friendships and cole haans

I love the Nike+ Cole Haan shoes. Seriously. But much like my other favorite pairs of shoes (all sandals, of course), they are a bitch to break in. I wore these little gems today (rose gold, if you want to get specific), and now I have two battle wounds. Two giant blisters on each heel. I wasn’t going home after work either, so I had to suffer through the whole day forming bigger and bigger blisters. Awful.

The reason I couldn’t go home after work was because I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my good friends from grad school today. There are two things I love most about her: 1. She always speaks her mind and 2. Even if her degrees read The Florida State University, she cheers for the Canes. Okay, so there are other, more substantial reasons as to why I consider her a friend, but #2 is pretty high in my list of importance. We ended up at Mintwood Place, which I’ve never been to for dinner, until today. Tips for this place include getting the Burrata, kales, hazelnut, apple and tamarind. DO NOT IGNORE THIS RECOMMENDATION. That was probably the best thing I’ve eaten in a long time! Sure beats my Red Cross sushi lunch I had. Anyway, I don’t want to write a review of the place, but I will say, definitely go to Mintwood for either brunch or dinner OR BOTH. The food and atmosphere are wonderful. After dinner, I was telling Maura about my work life and then ran in to one of my co-workers. We had a nice stroll back to her place and then I walked Maura back to her hotel. It was a great evening, despite the blisters I got in my shoes. Thanks Cole Haan. 

Tomorrow  I have to seriously start considering what I’m going to pack for my week long camp in Florida and write my bucket list for things I want to do before I turn 30. #1 on the list right now is to get rid of these blisters. 



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Hmm… yesterday I wrote about Rabbit, Rabbit, and today, I open my wordpress at exactly 11:11. Are the stars finally aligning in my favor? Fingers crossed.

Today I FINALLY signed up to become a Pound Instructor. If you read my run section, you would know that Pound is one of my three favorite workouts (aside from good ole’ running). I usually take Pound on Monday evenings if I’m not hanging out in Georgetown, and well, today I didn’t hang out in Georgetown. The class today was tough as my back was still semi-sore from poor posture at a previous workout. Lessons learned. Anyway, I’m pretty psyched about finally getting to teach the workout that I love.

Speaking of the gym, as I was walking home, I noticed that everyone walking in front of me was a couple. Seriously. All holding hands and enjoying the nice Spring (?) day. In my hand, I had a Jonathan Adler towel (I just bought it) and a gym bag. If you ask me, those were perfect companions, but I couldn’t help but feel a little sad. Then I thought more about it and realized that I just kicked ass in a workout all was right in the world again. Also, my new JA towel is really awesome. I was using an old Insulin (you read that right) towel as my pool towel, and it really was time for something new. All in all, today was a successful day.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I’m on Day 2 of the 30 day ab challenge. I’ve already learned that 1. I haven’t done a sit up in ages and 2. I am bad at situps.

Sorry this was not very exciting.



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Rabbit, rabbit

Happy June! I cannot believe we’re already halfway through 2014. Didn’t think of that, did you? Well, rabbit, rabbit! Do you guys say that first thing in the morning on the 1st of the month? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read more about that here. I’ve probably been rabbit, rabbit-ing since my Nickelodeon days. Yep, from the days of Face. I miss Face.

Anyway, as promised, here I am for the first blog of the month of June. I actually have to pre-blog my entire week next week because I’ll be volunteering at Florida Diabetes Camp. I’ve been volunteering with them since grad school, and I absolutely LOVE it.  I’m sure I’ll come back with some great stories once I return from camp.

So my week goes like this: I will be in DC for this week, leaving to Florida on Friday evening, then in Florida until June 17. I’m pretty psyched about it because the Pittsburgh Pirates are going to be playing the Miami Marlins my birthday weekend! AND I get to see the Tampa Bay Rays play. I’m in Florida for 11 days and I get to see the Marlins, Pirates, Rays, and the Cardinals. What a treat!

Anyway, I didn’t promise a long and/or good post, but here I am. Posting every day for the month of June. Maybe I’ll make a habit out of it.



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Opening Day

It’s baseball season!


If you read my last post, you’d know that Spring has not yet sprung. The weather is still cold and I am still wearing tights under my skirts to work every day. But you know what? You cannot let that get in between me and baseball. If you have never been to a baseball game, please go on to your local team’s webpage, check out the next home game, buy tickets, and thank me later. Baseball on TV is boring. Go to a baseball game. Buy a team shirt. Make some friends. SO worth it.


Opening Day!

I have to admit that I used to not be a big baseball fan, but in 2008, I started watching the (then) Florida Marlins on the regular. My (then) roommate is a huge New York Mets fan, so every time they played the Marlins, I would take the 45 minute drive to see them. Fast forward to last year, I watched the Mets play in four different cities! Would I consider myself a Mets fan? Absolutely. However, since moving to Maryland, I have adopted the Washington Nationals to be the team to watch.

So before you start thinking that I am skipping work to attend a baseball game, you should probably know that I work a different work schedule allowing me to take every other Monday off. The stars aligned in my favor , so my day off coincided with the Washington Nationals Opening Day! My roommate is a teacher so she was on Spring Break and was able to come to the game with me. Thanks to stubhub, we got great last minute tickets and we were off.


I’ve got some Nattitude!

Courtney and I woke up Monday morning to a most beautiful day. After going to Panera for our morning coffee and power breakfast, we were off to Nationals Stadium… along with a gazllion other people. It was a nice and warm afternoon where we were able to enjoy the sounds of Scott’s New Band and dance along to the music before the game started. Also, for all you Nationals fans, if you get to the game early, head to the bar upstairs! Beers are only $5 until the first pitch is thrown. Ignore if you are under the age of 21.


Run Teddy Run!

Anyway, we drank some nice cool beverages that went along with the warm weather. We even walked around the stadium and saw a bunch of cool new additions to the stadium! Walking around the stadium, we learned two things: 1. A lot of people took the day off/played hookey 2. The Nats are going to kill it this season. The stadium was packed. The energy was amazing, and it was just so exciting to be at the game. The game was so popular that the stadium resorted to selling standing room only tickets. Luckily, I had an actual seat. Phew! Anyway, the Nats played the Marlins aka my hometown team. I have to tell you, I am not a Marlins fan. I enjoyed it when they were the Florida Marlins and I got to wear cool Marlins attire when they won the World Series, but ever since they became the Miami Marlins, I could care less. (Hence the adoption of the Washington Nationals) I believe the Marlins players are also Nats fans because the Nats ended up winning 2-0.

So I’d say that Opening Day was a success. And you know what? I even got a little parting gift.


Go Nats!



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It’s finally (sortof) Spring!

Guess what? TOMORROW IS OPENING DAY! I am so amped, I can hardly sleep. I guess that works out for you because I’m actually posting a blog. Oh, and I should probably let you know that all new blogs will appear every Sunday. Yep, no more of that “Hmmm… when’s she posting again” nonsense. So, unless I’m either 1. incredibly busy during the week or 2. dead, you can expect a post to appear every Sunday. You are welcome.

Anyway, back to the story. So, rumor has it that on March 20th, we experienced the First Day of Spring. It’s true because I got Free Rita’s Water Ice, and that only happens on the 1st Day of Spring. Well guess what? Punxsutawney Phil needs new Doppler. A few days after the first day of Spring, I looked out my window and this is what I saw:

Beautiful Snow Day... during Spring

Happy Spring!

And no, I did not get the day off of work. I put on my rain boots and marched to the Metro and got myself to work. On time, too!  A little snow wasn’t going to let me down. Especially since I forgot my lunch that day and ended up having to leave the office in order to eat food. Oh, and PS, if you’re from an area that gets tons of snow on a regular basis, I don’t want to hear anything about it. If you’ve ever been in DC for even a drop of snow, the city closes down. The fact that I had to go to work was a huge surprise. We didn’t even get the 2 hour delay. I blame the kids on Spring Break. This also means that this Florida girl has yet to ever experience a snow day.

The rest of the week had no more snow and actually turned out to be somewhat nice. Granted it was cold, but it was really nice to look outside and pretend it was Spring. So nice, that on Saturday, I pretended that it WAS in fact Spring. I had my favorite person in the whole entire world come visit me and we played tourist. Well, I played partial tourist partial tour guide, but it was fun nonetheless. I know you’re all dying to know what was done that day, but I’ll only share a few of the things done that day because it was a day full of TOO MUCH FUN! 

So what happens when someone is in town for only a day? You go to the mall, of course. And no, not the shopping mall. I must clarify that because when telling my roommate about my plan for the day, she asked “why would you go to the mall if he’s only here for a day?”. But before the mall, we took a lovely tour of the Capitol. Here’s some (read: two) pictures:


The dome

Okay, sorry, I didn’t take too many pictures. Instead I was busy LEARNING. Hell-o, I love knowledge! After the tour, we got to check out Hank’s on the Hill. I don’t particularly like oysters because I think they look like phlegm, but to each his own, right? Maybe after a few beers, I’ll try one one day, but don’t hold your breath.  Despite not liking oysters, I say it was a huge hit.


Yep, that’s an oyster shooter.

And of course, after lunch, we did more sightseeing. It even got nice enough to not have to wear a coat! We checked out the basics: The Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, The Reflecting Pool (which surprisingly had little to no goose poop), and of course, The Washington Monument.

image (3)

America’s penis

All in all, it was a wonderful day. So much that I cried because it had to end. I’ve become the most emotional person lately. But hey, tomorrow is Opening Day! And surprisingly, I won’t be going to Florida at all during the month of April. And, April 20 marks the one year anniversary of living in Maryland! Time flies, huh?



P.S. Oh, and tourists are invading DC to see the Cherry Blossoms… too bad there are none.

Song of the Now: Sail by AWOLNATION


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