Hmm… yesterday I wrote about Rabbit, Rabbit, and today, I open my wordpress at exactly 11:11. Are the stars finally aligning in my favor? Fingers crossed.

Today I FINALLY signed up to become a Pound Instructor. If you read my run section, you would know that Pound is one of my three favorite workouts (aside from good ole’ running). I usually take Pound on Monday evenings if I’m not hanging out in Georgetown, and well, today I didn’t hang out in Georgetown. The class today was tough as my back was still semi-sore from poor posture at a previous workout. Lessons learned. Anyway, I’m pretty psyched about finally getting to teach the workout that I love.

Speaking of the gym, as I was walking home, I noticed that everyone walking in front of me was a couple. Seriously. All holding hands and enjoying the nice Spring (?) day. In my hand, I had a Jonathan Adler towel (I just bought it) and a gym bag. If you ask me, those were perfect companions, but I couldn’t help but feel a little sad. Then I thought more about it and realized that I just kicked ass in a workout all was right in the world again. Also, my new JA towel is really awesome. I was using an old Insulin (you read that right) towel as my pool towel, and it really was time for something new. All in all, today was a successful day.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I’m on Day 2 of the 30 day ab challenge. I’ve already learned that 1. I haven’t done a sit up in ages and 2. I am bad at situps.

Sorry this was not very exciting.




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