Caroline vs. The Rat

Every Thursday, I play kickball with DC Kickball in Adams Morgan. By play, I mean, I sometimes show up to a game on time and pretend I’m not that bad at kickball. This past week, I was working late so I didn’t make it to the game in time. The game started at 6:30, I got there at 7:10. After the game, we all head over to GranDCentral. Normally, I eat a little something there, drink some cheap beers, and then go home. However, recently, I’ve developed some sort of weird food sensitivity so I don’t want to eat food that I don’t eat normally. This week, after the game I didn’t even play in, I went over to Mellow Mushroom across the street to partake in some pizza eating. 

My friend Irvin and I sat on the rooftop waiting on the pizza that took FOREVER to get to us. While he was enjoying his beer and I was bitching about the food taking too long, I saw, WHAT I THOUGHT, was a kitten on the roof. It was a very fast moving kitten so I didn’t really pay too much attention. A few minutes later, I saw that my precious little kitten was actually a rat. Actually, it was 3 rats. Mind you, I am eating dinner. No one wants to eat dinner 2 feet away from a rat. What felt like 2 hours was actually 15 minutes of sheer terror. Irvin and I made 0 eye contact and only looked out for rats on the prowl. Later in our meal, a rat decided to join us and run under our table making my foot a speed bump. Yes friends, I had dinner, UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL, with a rat. 

I wish there was more to my story, but that’s all. I wouldn’t stop eating at Mellow Mushroom because it’s actually really good. Until then, I’m still in recovery mode. Gross. 


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